dvm2 (87)When buying drugs and vaccines from a discounted store the quality is often not guaranteed and the source of the product is often unknown.

According to the FDA, many websites and stores that currently sell unapproved pet products make fraudulent claims, sell expired medications and vaccines, and dispense prescription medications without a prescription.

When you buy medications or vaccines from somewhere other than your Veterinarian, ask the following questions:

  • Will the medications be sold in original packaging?
  • When do the medications expire
  • Are the medications and vaccines guaranteed by the manufacturer?
  • Have the medications or vaccines been stored at the proper temperature?
  • Where are the medications coming from?
  • What quality of product will I be receiving?
  • Ask if the online pharmacy employs certified, active pharmacists and ask the names.

Before you possibly put your pet in danger, do your research and consider the risks of buying medications from anyone other than your veterinarian.