What is WorkAbility??

WorkAbility is a career awareness, exploration and training program for special education youth ages 16 and up.

  • WA1 provides students with opportunities to participate in classroom career speaker presentations, job shadowing, industry tours and paid job training.
  • WA1 is a school and community transition program that benefits students, employers and the community.
  • WA 1 promotes independent living and provides comprehensive pre-employment and follow-up services for special education youth.
  • WA is funded by a grant from the California Department of Education.

Windsor Schools seeks employers in the business community who will give students with special needs a chance to prove themselves.

Benefits to Students

  • Assessment of Interests, abilities and aptitudes
  • Placement assistance and on-going support services
  • Subsidized training wages
  • Worker’s Compensation coverage
  • Increased confidence and job skills